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    5 Pieces of Jewelry Every Man Should Own

    The right kind of jewelry and accessories can effortlessly elevate any outfit. And especially with men’s jewelry, accessories have to be picked carefully that complement one’s style without stealing the focus. They are all about making a statement subtly. Men’s jewelry pieces lend to the personality of the wearer. Be it a white gold Cuban link necklace or a statement signet ring, men wearing jewelryhas certainly become popular in recent years. In this blog, we take a look at some of the must-have jewelry pieces that every stylish man should keep in his wardrobe.


    When it comes to picking out jewelry for men, rings are undoubtedly the first choice. From simple wedding bands to heavy and chunky statement rings, they are a classic for a reason. Rings can be worn with every outfit, be it a business meeting or an evening cocktail party. Go for a classy urbane look pairing up your three-piece suit with a 5 layer diamond ring, or you can pick up a plain silver band to create a minimal look.

    Chains & Necklaces

    From red carpet looks to movie premieres, male celebrities wearing a sleek metal chain have become quite the popular trend. Gold chains are definitely the winner as they are easy to pair with various outfits, but silver and copper chains also work just as nicely. Go from casual to elegant in just an instant by accessorizing a simple shirt and jacket look with a 19mm prong Cuban chain. The ideal length of a chain should rest just above the first button of a collared shirt. Chains and necklaces always bring out the best in every outfit and serve as the perfect accessory in all situations.


    A classic piece of statement jewelry for men, bracelets are truly underrated. A simple metal band or a chain link in either gold or silver adds an extra touch to your outfit. When it comes to bracelets, it is better to adopt a minimal style. Especially keep it subtle if you’re wearing it on the same wrist as your watch. For those who do not like to wear rings, bracelets make a great accessory. 


    As more men choose to get their ears pierced, earrings have become a trending jewelry item. Go for a subtle look with an elegant diamond stud or make a statement with a golden ear hoop. Earrings can be a form of self-expression for men’s style.



    An absolute must-have in every man’s wardrobe, cufflinks are a classic choice for men’s jewelry. This simple and elegant accessory pairs up very nicely with a three-piece suit or a formal shirt. It gives your formal outfit an interesting visual twist. Cufflinks are minimal in look but they manage to catch attention. They are perfect for creating a good first impression.


    Men wearing jewelry have become a much more common sight in the recent years, mainly thanks to the influence that celebrities have on fashion trends. A white gold Cuban link necklace or a diamond studded ring are both great accessories that men can carry with style and aplomb. Wearing jewelry not only uplifts the outfit, but also brings forward a certain confidence and self-assurance in most men.

    5 Things to Consider When Buying Men’s Jewelry

    5 Must-Have Pendant Designs For Every Woman

    5 Must-Have Pendant Designs For Every Woman

    Pendants are the perfect beauty accessories. From an office presentation to date night, pendant necklaces can be worn with both formal and casual looks. They enhance your style game without being too overbearing. Pair them with either a gold or silver chain, pendants always add a little extra charm to it. You can go for the minimal look with a sweet teardrop style pendant, or stand out among others with a personalized picture pendant.

    When it comes to fashion jewelry trends, pendants have become a wardrobe essential for every woman. They are that one accessory that adds oomph and elegance to every outfit. In this blog, we take a look at 5 must-have pendant designs that every woman should own.

    Casual Pendants

    Casual pendants are a perfect choice for the working woman. They are chic and fashionable, adding just the right amount of bling to your everyday look. You can choose from a variety of designs, ranging from classic to trendy. You can either go with floral, hearts, and motifs design, or pick symmetrical patterns like a cross, a simple key, or the infinity sign. No matter which style, casual pendants go with practically every outfit. They bring understated glamour to a simple no-makeup look.

    Teardrop Pendants

    Teardrop pendants are the embodiment of effortless style and elegance. Paired with a sweetheart neckline, they create a stunning statement look. If you like customized jewelry, teardrop pendants are an ideal choice for making a photo engraved necklace. You can embed the photo at the center of the teardrop shape. Teardrop pendants are suited for every occasion.If you want some bling, choose a teardrop pendant fitted with a colored gemstone. Or if you’re trying a more casual look, pick a simple gold-plated pendant in a teardrop shape.

    Pearl Pendants

    Classic and timeless, pearls can never go out of fashion! Pearl pendants are the epitome of beauty and feminine grace. They add an aura of sophistication to your outfits. From teardrops to flowers, pearl pendants come in a variety of shapes and styles. Be it a business meeting or your best friend’s wedding, pearl pendants will suit perfectly for both occasions. Be it a formal or casual look, they add in a subtle elegance that every woman loves.

    Heart Pendants

    Heart pendants can be the perfect item for gifting someone. Place an order for a personalized picture chain with a heart-shaped locket and express your love for that special someone.With the pendant always around your neck, you can carry the photo of your loved ones always close to your heart. Heart shapes are beautiful, yet subtle. Wear it on your date night and impress your partner with your beauty and grace.

    Gemstone Pendants

    Last but not the least, gemstone pendants are among the most loved fashion accessory for every woman. From rubies to sapphires to emeralds, gemstone pendants capture the attention anywhere you go. They add shine to every outfit and bring radiance to your look. Gemstone pendants come in various designs, from bold to minimal. Choose the one which suits you best and enhances your personality.


    So which one is your perfect pendant style? Stop thinking, and start shopping. From a personalized picture pendant to classy pearl pendants, you can get check out online jewelry stores to find the one you’re looking for!

    Popular Pendant Designs for Men’s Necklaces

    What to Consider before Choosing a Perfect Necklace for Men?

    What to Consider before Choosing a Perfect Necklace for Men?

    Hey, are you a fan of hip-hop jewelry but never tried it before? Is it because you think your choice might appear to be out of fashion or you might end up with a bored look? Well, if that’s the case, let us tell you about taking certain points into consideration when choosing a necklace from a wide range of designs. So, have you ever given a thought about the kind of necklace you want to wear? Is it a Cuban link necklace or a Jesus Cuban necklace? Well, let’s clear your confusion in the below-mentioned sections.

    Things to Consider While Selecting a Necklace for Men

    Before you choose a necklace for yourself, there are a few things that you should be clear about. For instance, you need to decide the type of metal and the length of the necklace you want to wear. Also, you should know whether you want a custom-made pendant for your chain or not. So, let us guide you in choosing the best hop-hop jewelry, especially a necklace.

    Picking the Metal

    One of the first things you should consider is the type of metal you want to wear. If you like silver, then an oxidized sterling silver necklace can be a good choice as it offers a timeless vibe when paired with navy blue or grey outfits. Here, a 19 MM prong Cuban necklace can be a great choice for you as it comes with a hand-set and prong lifted stones that shine from all angles. However, you can also take a look at the yellow gold necklace as it looks amazingagainst any black outfit and complements warmer tones such as orange and brown as well. So, go and pick your color now!

     Perfect Length

    The ideal length for men’s necklaces ranges from 18 to 22 inches, to perfectly sit below your collarbone. However, if you want to go for a long necklace to hang around your chest, its length should be around 26 to 33 inches. Make sure to double-check the length of the necklace you are going to order so that you don’t end up with an unwanted size. Also, if you want to try a fashionable choker necklace, a Miami Cuban link necklace can perfectly fit the criteria. Just give it a try and we bet you’re going to love your new look.

    Custom-made Pendant for your Necklace

    You can surely wear a plain necklace to fit with your dressed-down style. But, adding a personalized pendant to your necklace can give it a different look. It will give your pendant a personal touch as well as make it look unique and bold. All you have to do is select a design that defines your fashion statement. In addition to that, you can also choose a photo engraved pendant that reminds you of your loved ones. If you are confused about the perfect necklace that would go with your pendant, we suggest you can try a white gold Cuban link necklace or a 4MM tennis necklace.



    Now that we have discussed the points that you need to remember while selecting the perfect necklace, we are sure you can choose the best buy for yourself. And should you be fully convinced to buy one, just visit an online store and get your value for money. Be it a white gold Cuban link necklace or a Cuban link necklace, make sure it goes perfectly with your personality and style. Happy shopping!

    Necklace Buying Guide to Match the Neckline of your Dress

    A Guide to Buy Meaningful Pendants for Your Girlfriend

    A Guide to Buy Meaningful Pendants for Your Girlfriend

    When it comes to choosing a jewelry item for your girl, you will have to select the right piece from an ocean of options available in the market today. Starting from necklaces and chains to rings and earrings, an abundance of choices can leave men scratching their heads. What to buy for my girl? Will my choice suit her taste? What is that item she doesn’t have already? This is a hassle all men have to go through. But if you ask us for suggestions, we think you should keep it simple yet special with meaningful pendants. Yes, why not? Compatible with all kinds of outfits, pendants can be worn at all times and on all occasions. Now, it is up to you to decide if you want to gift here a big picture pendant or a diamond locket. Need more options? Well, to discover other pendant styles keep reading 


    Picture lockets – Why gift your partner something general when you customize it for her style? Picture lockets are all over the internet for their unrivaled charm. With beautiful pictures engraved in their hearts, these lockets can give a custom spin to anyone’s style. You can ask the designer to place your favorite picture of youtwo in the locket. Wait, you may also select the locket frame from options like wing, heart, rectangular, and circular shapes. Feeling thrilled to know all of these? Now imagine how excited your girlfriend will be to receive such a unique gift? So, hurry up and buy a picture pendant today!


    Cross signs – Does your girl like to keep her style simple and elegant? We suggest you choose a classic tennis cross pendant for her. Think we are talking about the outdated designs? No, my friend. There are so many varieties in tennis lockets as well. Dripping cross, baguette, diamond tennis, slime love, and iced-out cross pendants are unique in their own rights. We think the dripping style brings out the shine of superb quality diamonds. Also, the multicolor slime makes an excellent contrast against the ravishing white gold. Browse the online collection to check out these options right now!


    Bubble letters – Who says bubble letters are just for kids and not adults? No matter what your age, bubble letter pendants look way too cute and adorable on both men and women. If you want, you can give this pendant option a thought. While the puffy style is the highlight of these pendants, custom letters can add a unique appeal to the wearer’s fashion statement. Available at affordable rates, these pendants are pocket-friendly and high-quality. So, if you are looking for a cute birthday gift, this item can be the best choice. Or you can order this one along with a photo locket. Sounds great right?



     Cartoon themes – You don’t have to be of a certain age to love cartoons or comics, you see. These feel-good pieces of stuff are for everyone, no matter the age. If your girlfriend is an Avenger fan, you can gift her the superb iced-out hulk pendant. With sparkling diamonds wrapped in high-quality gold, these pendants are now the number one choice among youngsters. Also, Richie Rich lockets are ubiquitously present on all online stores given the fashion craze surrounding them. When it comes to popularity, cartoon lockets are now at par with photo pendants. Why don’t you just get both for your partner? 


    That’s wrap

    There you go – Top 4 stylish and meaningful pendants for women! You can now easily choose which pendant style to buy for your girlfriend. Lastly but most importantly, make sure you purchase from a reliable online store so that you get good quality and affordable best price deals. Hope your partner loves your gift, no matter what you choose. All the best! 


    Which Gold Ring Type to Choose - White, Yellow, or Rose?

    Coolest Hip-Hop Jewelry You Want to Get Your Hands On

    Coolest Hip-Hop Jewelry You Want to Get Your Hands On

    Fashion trends come and go, but hip-hop jewelry will stay in vogue forever. Why do we say so? Sported by famous rappers, athletes, and other celebrities, these pieces of jewelry have given a new spin to men’s fashion. Yes, hip-hop jewelry has indeed gone through various style shifts over the years, but what remains the same are the values of struggle and emancipation associated with it. Today, men wearing jewelry is an accepted norm in the fashion industry, thanks to the predecessors who set the trend no matter what their purpose had been. In the 1980s and 1990s, the rappers back then had little idea about how their extravagant jewelry sense would influence the men of the next generations. It is this little historical backdrop that makes hip-hop accessories so special. And standing today, hip-hop jewelry is more than just a Miami Cuban link necklace, you see. In this blog, we share with you the trendiest hip-hop jewelry trends. So, keep reading…

    Picture pendants – Are you curious to get a picture pendant for yourself? No, we don’t mean you should get a pendant as extravagant as Rick Ross’ but you can stick to something sleek with your favorite picture engraved in it. Like the idea, right? Contact a branded store that sells unique and customized picture pendants. The designer may also let you choose the shape of your pendant. Heart shape, rectangle, and oval – the choices are plenty you see. We are sure you will look charming with a photo pendant around your neck. Bet you prove otherwise! Looking for more varieties? You can check out religious emblems, cartoon-themed, and funky design pendants. Surely you will find something that will suit your style. 


    Chains – If you are not a man to sport statement necklaces, sleek chains are something you will treasure. Herringbone chains, Franco chains, and 3mm rope chains are some of the popular choices among sleek necklaces. Whether it’s a casual hangout or an office party, you can wear one of these and exhibit your classy side to the world. And if you are open to experimenting a bit, you can check out the tennis chain collection. The round-cut diamonds are brilliant enough to leave you awestruck. Want to try something very unique? Check out the square tennis necklaces. The modern design with baguette stones deserves a plethora of adjectives. The good ones, of course! 


    Bracelets – Gone are those days when men would find comfort in wearing leather and masculine metals. They are no more afraid to wear and style shiny and glamorous metals these days. If you explored men’s bracelets, you would be convinced. Rose gold and white gold Cuban bracelets can up your style game to another level. Glacier tennis wristlets are equally enchanting and will look great on your wrist. Oh, wait! Do you want to pair your bracelet with baguette custom letters? Whether you want just an initial or the entire name, you can pick as many letters as you want. Impressive, right? Now you can sparkle your name out without even uttering it. 


    Dental Grills – Thought grills have become a thing of the past? Not at all, my friend. Dental grills have made a successful comeback and how! Several celebrities today wear grills to carve their style statements. While you can go for plain silver or gold grills, you may choose stone-studded gold and diamond grills for adding that extra bling to your style game. And if you asked for our suggestions, we would totally recommend you to try the Cuban link grills. With iced-out diamond and gold plating, these grills look ravishing and brighten up your smile. Adjustable and flexible, dental grills can be worn by anyone without having to worry about damaging their dental health. 


    Rings – People say it is not usual for men to wear rings other than their wedding rings. But we are here to change the rules, you know. If you like wearing rings, we think you should not pay heed to what others say. When you wear the right ring at the right event and the right way, no one can stop you from stealing the spotlight. In this regard, the hip-hop jewelry ring collection can never disappoint you. Right from double row baguette rings and diamond eternity rings to five-layer diamond rings and prong Cuban rings – you will be spoilt for choices. Each of these rings represents extraordinary craftmanship and glamourizes your appearance. Can’t wait to own them? Who’s stopping you from shopping? Plunge in right away! 

    Over to You… 

     Impressed with all the choices we discussed here so far? Now it’s your turn to take your pick and buy your chosen items. All in all, remember that when you style hip-hop accessories the right way, they can exude excellence, prestige, and confidence. Whether you order a Richie rich pendant or diamond bracelet, wear it like it’s made for you, and just you. Alternatively, you can take the custom way any time you like!Let usknow your favorite piece of hip-hop jewelry by commenting down below. We are eager to hear from you!