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    News — Miami Cuban Link Necklace

    What to Consider before Choosing a Perfect Necklace for Men?

    What to Consider before Choosing a Perfect Necklace for Men?

    Hey, are you a fan of hip-hop jewelry but never tried it before? Is it because you think your choice might appear to be out of fashion or you might end up with a bored look? Well, if that’s the case, let us tell you about taking certain points into consideration when choosing a necklace from a wide range of designs. So, have you ever given a thought about the kind of necklace you want to wear? Is it a Cuban link necklace or a Jesus Cuban necklace? Well, let’s clear your confusion in the below-mentioned sections.

    Things to Consider While Selecting a Necklace for Men

    Before you choose a necklace for yourself, there are a few things that you should be clear about. For instance, you need to decide the type of metal and the length of the necklace you want to wear. Also, you should know whether you want a custom-made pendant for your chain or not. So, let us guide you in choosing the best hop-hop jewelry, especially a necklace.

    Picking the Metal

    One of the first things you should consider is the type of metal you want to wear. If you like silver, then an oxidized sterling silver necklace can be a good choice as it offers a timeless vibe when paired with navy blue or grey outfits. Here, a 19 MM prong Cuban necklace can be a great choice for you as it comes with a hand-set and prong lifted stones that shine from all angles. However, you can also take a look at the yellow gold necklace as it looks amazingagainst any black outfit and complements warmer tones such as orange and brown as well. So, go and pick your color now!

     Perfect Length

    The ideal length for men’s necklaces ranges from 18 to 22 inches, to perfectly sit below your collarbone. However, if you want to go for a long necklace to hang around your chest, its length should be around 26 to 33 inches. Make sure to double-check the length of the necklace you are going to order so that you don’t end up with an unwanted size. Also, if you want to try a fashionable choker necklace, a Miami Cuban link necklace can perfectly fit the criteria. Just give it a try and we bet you’re going to love your new look.

    Custom-made Pendant for your Necklace

    You can surely wear a plain necklace to fit with your dressed-down style. But, adding a personalized pendant to your necklace can give it a different look. It will give your pendant a personal touch as well as make it look unique and bold. All you have to do is select a design that defines your fashion statement. In addition to that, you can also choose a photo engraved pendant that reminds you of your loved ones. If you are confused about the perfect necklace that would go with your pendant, we suggest you can try a white gold Cuban link necklace or a 4MM tennis necklace.



    Now that we have discussed the points that you need to remember while selecting the perfect necklace, we are sure you can choose the best buy for yourself. And should you be fully convinced to buy one, just visit an online store and get your value for money. Be it a white gold Cuban link necklace or a Cuban link necklace, make sure it goes perfectly with your personality and style. Happy shopping!

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    Reasons that Make Cuban Link Necklaces a Special Jewelry Piece for Men

    Reasons that Make Cuban Link Necklaces a Special Jewelry Piece for Men

    Hey, have you bought a gold picture pendant recently? Have you decided which necklace you should pair it with? Herringbone chains and rope chains are all cool, but did you ever try out a pendant with a Cuban link necklace? What? You don’t have that in your jewelry wardrobe yet? Well, you’re missing out on lots of fun and excitement. Featuring oval links intersecting in a rope-like pattern, these necklaces ooze street-style appeal with a modern edge. If you want to give a new twist to your style game, it is a must that you get your hand on these catchy necklaces. The popularity of link chains exploded in 2012, and now in 2021, they are still in vogue, and how! What is so special about them? Keep reading and find more. 

    Rocked by celebrities – Thanks to all celebrities out there who took the popularity of these chains to the peak. Right from the rap legends of the 1980s to the modern stars in the 2020s, hip-hop stars have shown us how to wear and flaunt these amazing Cuban lick necklaces the right way. In fact, look at the way how high-profile athletes are ‘sporting’ these amazing accessories with such class and confidence. So, why hesitate to gather some inspiration from your favorite star and give this unique piece of jewelry a try? We bet you are going to love your new look. 

    Edgy and glamorous – What if you could add bling and shine to your Cuban necklace? That’s possible because these necklaces are often engraved with brilliantly cut iced-out diamonds. The flat surface area allows the designers to infuse the chain with diamonds or other gemstones flawlessly. Think they are expensive? That needn’t be the case always. Check out some handful of online stores and compare the prices they offer. That way, you can choose an affordable price deal. However, don’t compromise on the quality to save some bucks. Always try to strike a balance between quality and affordability. 

    Showcase the lockets – Who says lockets don’t look good when paired with broad Cuban necklaces? Don’t you think you have styled enough sleek chains with pendants? It’s time to experiment and try something different. If you want to highlight the big picture pendant or tennis cross locket, you can stand out by wearing them with Cuban necklaces. Available in a variety of weights, lengths, and thicknesses, you may ask the designer to adjust these parameters for creating a custom link chain for you. Impressed?So why don’t you place an order right away?

    Unique and versatile – As we just mentioned, you can style these necklaces as per your wishes and desires. Coming in lengths between 20 and 30 inches, Cuban style chains can be worn as necklaces or bracelets. Also, widths ranging between 9 mm and 20 mm make them highly adaptable to any style you want to flaunt. Given the sheer range of options available, you will not be disappointed to add such a versatile product to your jewelry wardrobe. 

    Final Thought – If you are finally convinced to buy a Cuban link chain, be quick to visit an online store today. Also, should you want to order a custom picture pendant, you sure can do so by picking the best online store for your jewelry needs. Hope you create a unique fashion statement with special accessories. 

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    Tips to Jazz Up Your Personal Style with Iced Out Jewelry

    Tips to Jazz Up Your Personal Style with Iced Out Jewelry

    Owning a few jewelry pieces that could complete your jewelry collection is extremely difficult and anyone who loves wearing them would know what we are talking about here. With trends that keep on changing every time we bat an eyelid, statement jewelry pieces are hard to get hold of. One such jewelry style that will stay etched in our minds forever and would never go out of trend is iced-out jewelry. So what is iced-out jewelry? Well, the concept is simple – a gold base and stone-studded on top of it. Today, let’s find out the various kinds of iced out jewelry that you can wear on a regular basis to rock the hip-hop style statement. 

    How Can Iced Out Jewelry Ace Your Hip-Hop Style?

    Originating from New York, United States, Iced Out jewelry took a very small time to become of the most sought-after types of pieces sported by both men and women alike. As an amazing way to start your jewelry collection, you can find them in pendants, bracelets, and even necklaces. Some of the top choices of such jewelry that you can include in your collection include:

    1. Iced Out Cuban Necklace: Cuban necklace typically is a piece of chain-link jewelry that adorns your neck. With a choice of the base material in stainless steel plated with white, yellow, or rose gold, these Miami Cuban necklaces are available in various sizes as well. The iced-out chunks of the necklace make it stand out from the crowd and immediately put you under the spotlight. 

    2. Iced Out Tennis Bracelet: As we all know, if you want to add an edge to your look without going over the top, the best piece of jewelry that helps you do that is a bracelet. An iced out tennis bracelet with a base of stainless steel and plated in gold is durable and low-maintenance. It sits snugly on your wrist and becomes a statement piece that everyone around you is bound to love. 

    3. Iced Out Pendant: Goes without saying, no trend can be complete without a chunky iced out pendantWorn either with an iced out, rope, or Cuban necklace, you can customize the plating of the jewelry from white, yellow, or rose gold according to your preference. Available in a heart shape, you can also add a picture of yourself or your loved one to carry him or her close to your heart as you step out of your house in style.

    Conclusion: Iced out jewelry typically is made out of stainless steel, making it durable with less upkeep and resistance to corrosion. You can wear them regularly and yet not have any scratches on them. Amerikan Gold is an one of a kind website that stocks a wide range of stylish but trendy jewelry pieces at attractive rates. You can take a look at the website to get a premium 18K jewelry piece that you like the most and get free three-day shipping. 


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    Hip Hop Jewelry for Women – Time to Glam Up Your Look

    Hip Hop Jewelry for Women – Time to Glam Up Your Look

    Do you love the way your favorite stars doll up wearing hip hop jewelry like an Miami Cuban necklace? You too can give a fresh spin to your style game by choosing top-quality jewelry pieces from reputable online stores. In this age of the internet and smartphones, the best part about jewelry shopping is that you need not visit offline stores anymore. Search on the internet, and you’ll discover scores of jewelry e-commerce websites in the blink of an eye. So, to all ladies out there – are you ready to catch up with the latest hip hop jewelry trends with us? We know you can’t wait to get started. Let us dig into it then! 


    Pretty Pendants – Want to keep your loved ones closer to your heart? Go for a picture pendant and add a touch of affection to your style statement. Send your chosen picture to the designer and he shall take care of it all. If you want to go low-key, you can choose baguette letters instead of picture pendants and express your love subtly. Want some options in quirky shapes and concepts? Starting from Richie Rich and Jesus to Playboy and Cupid Arrow – Explore a collection of charming pendants only on an online store!


    Natty Necklaces – Is your hip hop jewelry collection even complete without adding a Cuban necklace to it? No true fashion lover can resist the unspeakable charm of link necklaces. Available in white gold rose, gold silver, or iced-out diamonds, these neckpieces are all you need to jazz up your part look. Think they come at hefty prices? Not at all. Visit the leading online stores and get your favorite 19mm prong Cuban chain at an affordable rate. 


    Bling Bracelets – You look fantastic wearing a bold necklace and chic pair of earrings, but what about adding a bracelet to complement your overall style? Wear a tennis bracelet and shine like a star! You may also choose something thicker and bolder by picking a prong Cuban bracelet. The iced-out design of Cuban link wristlets can make countless jaws drop and several heads turn. Feeling tempted to place an order already? We can’t wait for you to own and flaunt that amazing bracelet on your wrist!


    Goofy Grills – Would you dare to go bold with dental grills? Sported by the top celebrities and athletes, dental grills are the latest addition to hip hop jewelry in the fashion industry. Whether you want them in silver ice design or gold diamond style, these accessories can make the wearer stand out of the crowd for sure. Want to give it a try and see how it goes? Order one tooth grill just to experience the look and feel of it. Should you come to like it, buy more of such quirky grill sets. 



    Final Words – If you style them the right way, hip hop jewelry can add sparkle to your every day and even occasional looks. At Amerikan Gold, you can immerse yourself in jewelry shopping without running your wallet. Visit the store and shop your favorite jewelry pieces at the most affordable price deals. Happy shopping!