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    A Guide to Buy Meaningful Pendants for Your Girlfriend

    A Guide to Buy Meaningful Pendants for Your Girlfriend

    When it comes to choosing a jewelry item for your girl, you will have to select the right piece from an ocean of options available in the market today. Starting from necklaces and chains to rings and earrings, an abundance of choices can leave men scratching their heads. What to buy for my girl? Will my choice suit her taste? What is that item she doesn’t have already? This is a hassle all men have to go through. But if you ask us for suggestions, we think you should keep it simple yet special with meaningful pendants. Yes, why not? Compatible with all kinds of outfits, pendants can be worn at all times and on all occasions. Now, it is up to you to decide if you want to gift here a big picture pendant or a diamond locket. Need more options? Well, to discover other pendant styles keep reading 


    Picture lockets – Why gift your partner something general when you customize it for her style? Picture lockets are all over the internet for their unrivaled charm. With beautiful pictures engraved in their hearts, these lockets can give a custom spin to anyone’s style. You can ask the designer to place your favorite picture of youtwo in the locket. Wait, you may also select the locket frame from options like wing, heart, rectangular, and circular shapes. Feeling thrilled to know all of these? Now imagine how excited your girlfriend will be to receive such a unique gift? So, hurry up and buy a picture pendant today!


    Cross signs – Does your girl like to keep her style simple and elegant? We suggest you choose a classic tennis cross pendant for her. Think we are talking about the outdated designs? No, my friend. There are so many varieties in tennis lockets as well. Dripping cross, baguette, diamond tennis, slime love, and iced-out cross pendants are unique in their own rights. We think the dripping style brings out the shine of superb quality diamonds. Also, the multicolor slime makes an excellent contrast against the ravishing white gold. Browse the online collection to check out these options right now!


    Bubble letters – Who says bubble letters are just for kids and not adults? No matter what your age, bubble letter pendants look way too cute and adorable on both men and women. If you want, you can give this pendant option a thought. While the puffy style is the highlight of these pendants, custom letters can add a unique appeal to the wearer’s fashion statement. Available at affordable rates, these pendants are pocket-friendly and high-quality. So, if you are looking for a cute birthday gift, this item can be the best choice. Or you can order this one along with a photo locket. Sounds great right?



     Cartoon themes – You don’t have to be of a certain age to love cartoons or comics, you see. These feel-good pieces of stuff are for everyone, no matter the age. If your girlfriend is an Avenger fan, you can gift her the superb iced-out hulk pendant. With sparkling diamonds wrapped in high-quality gold, these pendants are now the number one choice among youngsters. Also, Richie Rich lockets are ubiquitously present on all online stores given the fashion craze surrounding them. When it comes to popularity, cartoon lockets are now at par with photo pendants. Why don’t you just get both for your partner? 


    That’s wrap

    There you go – Top 4 stylish and meaningful pendants for women! You can now easily choose which pendant style to buy for your girlfriend. Lastly but most importantly, make sure you purchase from a reliable online store so that you get good quality and affordable best price deals. Hope your partner loves your gift, no matter what you choose. All the best! 


    Which Gold Ring Type to Choose - White, Yellow, or Rose?

    Coolest Hip-Hop Jewelry You Want to Get Your Hands On

    Coolest Hip-Hop Jewelry You Want to Get Your Hands On

    Fashion trends come and go, but hip-hop jewelry will stay in vogue forever. Why do we say so? Sported by famous rappers, athletes, and other celebrities, these pieces of jewelry have given a new spin to men’s fashion. Yes, hip-hop jewelry has indeed gone through various style shifts over the years, but what remains the same are the values of struggle and emancipation associated with it. Today, men wearing jewelry is an accepted norm in the fashion industry, thanks to the predecessors who set the trend no matter what their purpose had been. In the 1980s and 1990s, the rappers back then had little idea about how their extravagant jewelry sense would influence the men of the next generations. It is this little historical backdrop that makes hip-hop accessories so special. And standing today, hip-hop jewelry is more than just a Miami Cuban link necklace, you see. In this blog, we share with you the trendiest hip-hop jewelry trends. So, keep reading…

    Picture pendants – Are you curious to get a picture pendant for yourself? No, we don’t mean you should get a pendant as extravagant as Rick Ross’ but you can stick to something sleek with your favorite picture engraved in it. Like the idea, right? Contact a branded store that sells unique and customized picture pendants. The designer may also let you choose the shape of your pendant. Heart shape, rectangle, and oval – the choices are plenty you see. We are sure you will look charming with a photo pendant around your neck. Bet you prove otherwise! Looking for more varieties? You can check out religious emblems, cartoon-themed, and funky design pendants. Surely you will find something that will suit your style. 


    Chains – If you are not a man to sport statement necklaces, sleek chains are something you will treasure. Herringbone chains, Franco chains, and 3mm rope chains are some of the popular choices among sleek necklaces. Whether it’s a casual hangout or an office party, you can wear one of these and exhibit your classy side to the world. And if you are open to experimenting a bit, you can check out the tennis chain collection. The round-cut diamonds are brilliant enough to leave you awestruck. Want to try something very unique? Check out the square tennis necklaces. The modern design with baguette stones deserves a plethora of adjectives. The good ones, of course! 


    Bracelets – Gone are those days when men would find comfort in wearing leather and masculine metals. They are no more afraid to wear and style shiny and glamorous metals these days. If you explored men’s bracelets, you would be convinced. Rose gold and white gold Cuban bracelets can up your style game to another level. Glacier tennis wristlets are equally enchanting and will look great on your wrist. Oh, wait! Do you want to pair your bracelet with baguette custom letters? Whether you want just an initial or the entire name, you can pick as many letters as you want. Impressive, right? Now you can sparkle your name out without even uttering it. 


    Dental Grills – Thought grills have become a thing of the past? Not at all, my friend. Dental grills have made a successful comeback and how! Several celebrities today wear grills to carve their style statements. While you can go for plain silver or gold grills, you may choose stone-studded gold and diamond grills for adding that extra bling to your style game. And if you asked for our suggestions, we would totally recommend you to try the Cuban link grills. With iced-out diamond and gold plating, these grills look ravishing and brighten up your smile. Adjustable and flexible, dental grills can be worn by anyone without having to worry about damaging their dental health. 


    Rings – People say it is not usual for men to wear rings other than their wedding rings. But we are here to change the rules, you know. If you like wearing rings, we think you should not pay heed to what others say. When you wear the right ring at the right event and the right way, no one can stop you from stealing the spotlight. In this regard, the hip-hop jewelry ring collection can never disappoint you. Right from double row baguette rings and diamond eternity rings to five-layer diamond rings and prong Cuban rings – you will be spoilt for choices. Each of these rings represents extraordinary craftmanship and glamourizes your appearance. Can’t wait to own them? Who’s stopping you from shopping? Plunge in right away! 

    Over to You… 

     Impressed with all the choices we discussed here so far? Now it’s your turn to take your pick and buy your chosen items. All in all, remember that when you style hip-hop accessories the right way, they can exude excellence, prestige, and confidence. Whether you order a Richie rich pendant or diamond bracelet, wear it like it’s made for you, and just you. Alternatively, you can take the custom way any time you like!Let usknow your favorite piece of hip-hop jewelry by commenting down below. We are eager to hear from you! 

    Reasons that Make Cuban Link Necklaces a Special Jewelry Piece for Men

    Reasons that Make Cuban Link Necklaces a Special Jewelry Piece for Men

    Hey, have you bought a gold picture pendant recently? Have you decided which necklace you should pair it with? Herringbone chains and rope chains are all cool, but did you ever try out a pendant with a Cuban link necklace? What? You don’t have that in your jewelry wardrobe yet? Well, you’re missing out on lots of fun and excitement. Featuring oval links intersecting in a rope-like pattern, these necklaces ooze street-style appeal with a modern edge. If you want to give a new twist to your style game, it is a must that you get your hand on these catchy necklaces. The popularity of link chains exploded in 2012, and now in 2021, they are still in vogue, and how! What is so special about them? Keep reading and find more. 

    Rocked by celebrities – Thanks to all celebrities out there who took the popularity of these chains to the peak. Right from the rap legends of the 1980s to the modern stars in the 2020s, hip-hop stars have shown us how to wear and flaunt these amazing Cuban lick necklaces the right way. In fact, look at the way how high-profile athletes are ‘sporting’ these amazing accessories with such class and confidence. So, why hesitate to gather some inspiration from your favorite star and give this unique piece of jewelry a try? We bet you are going to love your new look. 

    Edgy and glamorous – What if you could add bling and shine to your Cuban necklace? That’s possible because these necklaces are often engraved with brilliantly cut iced-out diamonds. The flat surface area allows the designers to infuse the chain with diamonds or other gemstones flawlessly. Think they are expensive? That needn’t be the case always. Check out some handful of online stores and compare the prices they offer. That way, you can choose an affordable price deal. However, don’t compromise on the quality to save some bucks. Always try to strike a balance between quality and affordability. 

    Showcase the lockets – Who says lockets don’t look good when paired with broad Cuban necklaces? Don’t you think you have styled enough sleek chains with pendants? It’s time to experiment and try something different. If you want to highlight the big picture pendant or tennis cross locket, you can stand out by wearing them with Cuban necklaces. Available in a variety of weights, lengths, and thicknesses, you may ask the designer to adjust these parameters for creating a custom link chain for you. Impressed?So why don’t you place an order right away?

    Unique and versatile – As we just mentioned, you can style these necklaces as per your wishes and desires. Coming in lengths between 20 and 30 inches, Cuban style chains can be worn as necklaces or bracelets. Also, widths ranging between 9 mm and 20 mm make them highly adaptable to any style you want to flaunt. Given the sheer range of options available, you will not be disappointed to add such a versatile product to your jewelry wardrobe. 

    Final Thought – If you are finally convinced to buy a Cuban link chain, be quick to visit an online store today. Also, should you want to order a custom picture pendant, you sure can do so by picking the best online store for your jewelry needs. Hope you create a unique fashion statement with special accessories. 

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    Break Jewelry Wearing Rules to Develop Your Style

    Break Jewelry Wearing Rules to Develop Your Style

    To stay fashionable and stylish, you may follow jewelry-wearing rules that dominate the fashion world. But what is even more important is to create your unique style statement. And if that requires you to deviate a little from the standard rules of jewelry etiquette, so be it. The art of carefree styling is something every individual should try to master. Doing so can boost their confidence and help them find comfort in their style personality. So, who has said you can’t pair your tennis necklace chain with a prong gold necklace? Break the jewelry styling rules and show them how that’s done. In this blog, we tell you what other jewelry rules you should be breaking. 

    Top-quality jewelry may not be expensive 

    There was a time when high-quality jewelry pieces were priced exorbitantly, but not anymore. With scores of brands flooding the market with ample fashionable jewelry like baguette custom letters, dental grills, picture lockets, and so on, the prices have gone down to a fair extent today. Whether you are searching for jewelry for work, party, or everyday styling, you are ought to find something or the other within your budget. If you find the quality to be up to the mark, you may go ahead with the purchase. 

    Earrings need not match the necklace 

    It’s an outdated notion that the earrings will have to match the neckpiece. You can very well pair your Jesus Cuban necklace with a pair of studded earrings without caring too much about the principle of jewelry matching. Asymmetrical styling is all over the place, after all. So, scan through your jewelry box and see what accessories you can pair to achieve that perfect asymmetric look. We can’t wait to see you acing your carefree style statement.

    Overdo accessories if you like them that way 

    Minimalist style is great, but wearing too many accessories need not be considered to be a sin. If you can pull off the look with confidence, there is no harm in experimenting you see. Do you want to wear a gorgeous pair of dangle-drop earrings with your statement necklace? Be unafraid to style exactly that way. Or do you want to layer a tennis chain and your herringbone chain with a chunky Miami Cuban link necklace? You sure can do that as well. 

    Mixing metals is perfectly fine 

     Don’t categorize yourself as a ‘silver’ person or ‘gold’ person, because there are too many options for you to turn back on in the jewelry market. In fact, you can easily mix and match different metals to combine all your favorite accessories for a particular look. Just make sure you layer your jewelry pieces the right way and maintain a balance between them to create the right visual impact. With a little try, you will eventually get comfortable with mixing metals for your style. 

    Closing Thought – Inspired by our article, do you now want to pair your 10k Gold Jesus Pendant with white gold Cuban link neckpiece? Go ahead and create your own fashion rules. Just be unafraid to wear and flaunt anything that makes you feel confident. If you have broken any jewelry rules, of late, feel free to share with us by commenting down below. 

    5 Interesting Tips to Rock Your Statement Necklace

    5 Exclusive Designs in Hip Hop Pendants for Fashion Lovers

    5 Exclusive Designs in Hip Hop Pendants for Fashion Lovers

    Are you fond of hip hop jewelry just like your favorite rappers and athletes? The craze around hip hop jewelry is totally justified, given an array of designs and patterns available in the market today. With iced-out diamonds and a sturdy stainless-steel base, these jewelry pieces are worth every single penny you spend on them. Not only do they look ravishing, but these accessories are also resistant to rapid wear and tear. Now, the newest addition to the hip hop jewelry collection is the wide range of pendant styles based on a variety of themes. Shiny and glamorous, these pendants can give a custom spin to your style statement and elevate your jewelry wardrobe. So, what do you want to buy? A picture pendant or a tennis cross pendant? To explore more choices, read this blog till the end. 

    Praying Hands – Want to express your gratitude for everything you have in life? Wear the praying hands pendant around the neck and incorporate the virtue of gratitude in your everyday style. The rectangular pendant features praying hands surrounded by iced-out diamonds. Given the classic appeal of this pendant, you can pair it with all types of chains, irrespective of the style and length. So, grab this piece at an affordable rate. 

    Baguette Letters – Wearing the initial of your name as a pendant is a new-age style today. If you want to ride on this trend, you can visit an online store and place an order for a baguette custom letter pendant. Once you have selected and forwarded the letter to the store, its designer can craft a custom piece, stunningly covered with iced-out stones. Some stores may even offer a free rope chain with these letter pendants. Amazing, isn’t it? 

    Diamond Jesus – Are you a religious person who is not afraid to show his affiliation to the world? The Jesus Cuban necklace is a classy and versatile accessory with iced-out stonework and CZ diamond eyes. Crafted by the top jewelry designers, this piece combines elegance, luxury, and the charm of street-ready style. With the highest quality gold plating, this Jesus pendant boasts of quality finish and sturdy design. Add it to the cart and expand your jewelry collection!

    Picture Pendants – Thinking about what to gift your spouse on your wedding anniversary? How about framing a picture of you two in a pendant? With a custom image pendant, you can take your style to the next level. Along with forwarding the picture to the store owner, you can also choose from an array of pendant shapes like the heart shape, wing shape, circular shape, and so on. Impressed? Hurry up and place an order today! 

    Richie Rich – Loved the cartoon character called Richie Rich in your childhood? Now that you have hit adulthood, do you aspire to be as wealthy as him? Show your adoration for this cartoon by wearing a Richie Rich pendant around your neck. Richie Rich with a money bag pendant is said to fill one’s life with good luck and fortune. With black and blue stonework in the shape of the figure, this pendant design looks very cute and adorable. 

    Final Words – The list is not complete, for several other pendant styles and designs are inundating the market today. But let us save some for the next write-up, shall we? To buy the accessories we discussed above, you may visit one of the branded online stores and get the value for money. So, keep shopping, keep styling!
    We are also available at HOTFROGYELP & CYLEX in USA Directories.